Frequently Asked Questions


Q. Do I have to tryout?

A. All Players need to go through an evaluation or an assessment to be eligible to player for the Minnesota Starters Club Baseball program.  This allows are staff to field competitive teams and put each of our players in the best position to succeed.

Q. How are teams selected?

A. Teams will be selected after careful consideration by our Starters coaching staff.  Players will be evaluated on their baseball abilities, work ethic, enthusiasm, dedication, and attitude.  Players that demonstrate the ability to successfully compete at their respective age group will be selected into the club.  With development being our number one focus, if we field more than one team per age group, teams will be split equally based on talent and positional needs.

Q. How many players per team?

A. Starters will carry 12 players per team.  We will carry up to 2 practice players per team.  Practice players are players that practice with the team and train with the Academy, but do not travel to tournaments.  Practice players will be invited to tournaments in the event a regular member of the team cannot attend.

Q. How is playing time determined?

A. Players will receive equal playing time during tournament pool play.  Players will bat in continuous order 1-12.  If the team makes it into bracket play, coaches have the discretion to bat only 9 players and will select line ups that put the team in the best position to succeed. 

Q. How do you determine positions?

A. At our younger age groups, players will be exposed to every position during practices and competition.  We will never force a player to pitch or catch. 

Q. What if I play another sport?

A. The spring program is designed to provide multi-sports athletes with flexible training options to go along side in season sports.

Q. Does the cost include travel?

A. Transportation and lodging are additional expenses not included in the fees.

Q. Do parents need to travel to tournaments?

A. For players 14U and younger, players are required to stay with their parents.  If for any reason you're not able to attend, we will need to make arrangements for your son to stay with another family.

For additional questions, please contact Andy Judkins at or 952-210-0424